Bloodbowl Stinks – kitbash Nurgle Team (WIP)

This is my kitbash Nurgle bloodbowl team so far. The GW one was basically the chaos team with a couple of zombie repeats. The zombies were fine but repeats and the chaos stuff was stock and not Nurgle at all. Like a lot of my conversion I felt I really had to make my own.... Continue Reading →


Bloodbowl’s Nasty – kitbash Dark Elf Team

These are my kitbashed Dark Elf Bloodbowl players. The new GW Dark Elf team has just been leaked so it seemed a good time to show my efforts. I really enjoy playing Bloodbowl and I particularly enjoy playing Dark Elves. They are quite a unique elf team. I tried to convey their character in the... Continue Reading →

My Most Prized Possessions

This article is going to cover my Possessed Chaos Space Marines, a unit which I inherited from a friend.  At the time of starting this article I have 2 fully painted, several undercoated, built and slightly unfinished.  So I will continue to update this article as I work my way through them one at a... Continue Reading →

Homage to 40k

This is a blog post dedicated to homages. Being inspired by the 40k artwork to make your models just like it. Talking about my homages and why I do them. Read more and see all the images after the click.

Even in Death I Serve

Dreadnoughts are cool. At least that's my opinion and what I'm covering in this article, my first Dreadnought. For a long time my only army was Tyranids, which I love and will probably always be my favourite army. I did however get vehicle envy. Not just because my Tyranids seemed to be terrible tin openers... Continue Reading →

Mind Over Matter

Im branching out into one of my other armies with this post, my Grey Knights. Specifically my Grey Knight Techmarine, why should my co-authors dominate the space marine demographic, i can be a good guy too! See! good and happy. This was one of the first Grey Knight models i bought. i think, apart from... Continue Reading →

Vulkan Re-modelled

Vulkan Hestan is such a great character in the 40k universe and his model doesn't do him justice so this post is about my conversion work and the sources of inspiration read more after the click.

That Guy is Hella Brute

I really hope you like this one as its one of my favourite conversions to date... my Chaos Helbrute. I put some real effort into this one, it was one of those where it took longer than i expected not just because of a lack of time or being busy (which is always s factor)... Continue Reading →

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