Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Norris Thing / Possessed Marine

Ok, so this another possessed, taking the count up to thirteen so far.  Now you are going to get a lot more out of this post if you like John Carpenters film, The Thing. If you haven't seen it... do that now is instead of reading this, or any other thing that you could do... Continue Reading →


So how do I Airbrush?

That's the question I asked myself a few weekends ago. I've always loved watching the youtube airbrush tutorials and felt envious I couldn't do the same. I love the zenthial highlighting style but have struggled with rattle cans getting the same amount of control, duh I know right. So I mentioned this to Krakendoomcool and... Continue Reading →

Winged Daemon Prince – A Friendly Collaboration

In my possession, I have a Daemon Prince. It's not mine, but I have been allowed to hang onto it to use since the actual owner no longer collects Chaos. Its the old style Daemon prince, which I actually prefer to the plastic kit and this is my first involvement with this model read more after the click.

My Most Prized Possessions (Part 2)

Well I think its about time these guys got a new post all together, with four new additions to the family no less! Today I'm introducing an Iron Hand, White Dragon, Raptor and Salamander. For those of you that haven't seen my first article, these are the unwilling volunteers to the ranks of Thousand Sons'... Continue Reading →

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