Golden Demon 2019 – Tyranid Heirophant

This year for the first time I entered a judged painting competition and it was the Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest 2019. When I decided to go I figured I may as well enter the Khornate Knight, Mors Machina that I made for my friend for Christmas. All I had to do was get it... Continue Reading →


It’s All Quite Aberrant Now

Finally making a start on my Genestealer Cult army, starting with this unit of Aberrants!

Hobbyist’s Rut

So... this post is going to be a little different to my usual ones. I like to have posts with progress shots and finished models. Something that someone may benefit from some how or if they already know more that I can show them, just some decent models at the end. This... is kind of... Continue Reading →

The Five Day Duel

On the 31st of July, I decided to take part in a completion on Twitter to win some goodies. the catch? I started late! so I only had 6 days to build a scene depicting two duelling GW minis, to a standard I thought would have a chance of winning a public vote. Day 1... Continue Reading →

Stompy, Da Orkiest Nid

Ok... So this project is a pretty early one for me. But its probably one of the ones im most proud of... The Looted Carnifex. This was completed as a birthday present back in 2011 according to my ancient posts a couple of wargaming forums. But it a lot earlier. And im not talking about... Continue Reading →

Progenitor of the Swarm

In this post i want to share my thoughts and efforts with the Tyranid Tervigon. For the most part i really like the model, when it first came out it was cool to see how much larger it was than the go to heavy hitter for the 'Nids, the Carnifex. But there was also something... Continue Reading →

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