Bluetoof’s intergalactic planetary Deathskull invasion party

It’s about time I put some of my Deathskull Orks up on the blog. As well as Space Wolves and Nurgle I have Deathskulls. Here are some of the bosses... First up is Kaptin Bluetoof. So adept at lootin’ is Kaptin Bluetoof he even looted his own name from another Deathskull Warboss who appears in... Continue Reading →


Stompy, Da Orkiest Nid

Ok... So this project is a pretty early one for me. But its probably one of the ones im most proud of... The Looted Carnifex. This was completed as a birthday present back in 2011 according to my ancient posts a couple of wargaming forums. But it a lot earlier. And im not talking about... Continue Reading →

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