Blood Bowl Stinks (part 3) – Beast of Nurgle (Rotspawn)

With the Beast of Nurgle finished I've now completed my 16 players for my Kitbash Nurgle Blood Bowl team. I've been on the look out for potential parts to make a Beast of Nurgle for a while. In the meantime GW has released an official model now called a Rotspawn. The Rotspawn fits with the... Continue Reading →


Blood Bowl Stinks (part 2) – Kitbash Nurgle Blood Bowl Team (WIP)

Finally back on the hobby horse with a return to the Nurgle Kitbash Blood Bowl Team. So it's been a little while since I posted. Various little RL issues have kept me from the hobby for about 8 months or so. But I'm back painting and playing again, so I'm happy with that. Big thank... Continue Reading →

Mollog’s Mob.

It's been a while for a post. And I've been very busy in life and hobby and I've even managed to get some stuff recorded. This will be counting towards Azazel's April challenge as I've completed my Nightvault Warband. Games Played I managed to get the kill team to a tabletop standard and played a... Continue Reading →

Hobbyist’s Rut

So... this post is going to be a little different to my usual ones. I like to have posts with progress shots and finished models. Something that someone may benefit from some how or if they already know more that I can show them, just some decent models at the end. This... is kind of... Continue Reading →

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