Bran Redmaw

The new codex has me excited to play my Wolves again. So I’m back on the Wolf Lords with Bran Redmaw - Wolf Lord 11. Bran rather excitingly had a model made by the Forgeworld team, making him the only Wolf Lord to be made by them. Unfortunately it was never released. Budid get to... Continue Reading →


Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Norris Thing / Possessed Marine

Ok, so this another possessed, taking the count up to thirteen so far (the rest are here and here). Now you are going to get a lot more out of this post if you like John Carpenters film, The Thing. If you haven't seen it... do that now is instead of reading this, or any... Continue Reading →

Logan Grimnar

The Wolf Lords project wouldn’t be complete without the big dog himself. The sheer detail on this model made me put aside my converted version. He’s even got a wolf head on the top of the vents at the back of his terminator armour under the cloak! I bet no one knows about that until... Continue Reading →

Erik Morkai

If wolf lords could be afraid then Erik Morkai is the Wolf Lord they would fear. Erik Morkai is the scary one. Scary Wolf (Erik), baby (Ragnar), ginger (Krom), sporty (Sven) and posh (Egil - have you seen his collection of automobiles?). He favours Wolf Scouts, stealth tactics and viciousness in combat. There is artwork... Continue Reading →

Kjarl Grimblood

Kjarl Grimblood loves fire, his company cover their faces in blood after killing an enemy with flames. He’s rumoured to have ‘the gift’ (psyker), he sees the future in fire. And he has 12 land raider redeemers (in the West Indies). Did I mention he loves fire? For me terminator armour and land raiders go... Continue Reading →

Harald Deathwolf

Harald was a lot of fun to paint. He’s got a painting guide in ‘companies of fenris’ which was super helpful. I didn’t convert him or paint him differently. He’s a relatively recent (compared to Ragnar!) release. Like Krom the model and artwork are pretty consistent. It’s well established that is what he looks like.... Continue Reading →

Gunnar Redmoon

Gunnar Redmoon was another Wolf Lord with relatively little known about him. He appears at some point in the Space Wolf omnibus but I haven’t read that far! So what I knew was; he’s big, loud and likes the good company of Long fangs (for the krak). So I put him in termie armour to... Continue Reading →

Engir Krakendoom

Engir Krakendoom is the first Wolf Lord in the project with no model, no artwork, no wargear options. A blank canvas. According to the fluff Engir Krakendoom is a real sea faring space Viking. He likes boarding parties and outriders. The outrider  aspect caught my imagination for a while. I was using the death watch white... Continue Reading →

Krom Dragongaze

Krom Dragongaze is a great model and a key release for the Wolf Lords project. I use his body for two other Wolf Lords (Ragnar and Bran), his head for Engir Krakendoom and his axe for Gunnar Redmoon. I talk about what a good fit he is for a Ragnar conversion in an earlier post. This... Continue Reading →

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