Magni Warbringer – Homage

My kitbash and converted homages to the author's of this blog. I couldnt get them all finished in July so picked mine to be first.


Salamanders WIP – Primaris Aggressors.

Warbringer here! Although I've not posted for a while I have been doing a little hobby and I've been behind the scenes as the blogs Techmarine keeping the cogs spinning. Read about my Primaris Aggressors WIP after the click.

Vulkan Re-modelled

Vulkan Hestan is such a great character in the 40k universe and his model doesn't do him justice so this post is about my conversion work and the sources of inspiration read more after the click.

Building a Better Bray’arth

Warbringer here guy's, Dreadnoughts, I've always loved their aesthetic but never their in game function. When 8th edition was released the new rules for these eternal warriors managed to change my mind. This post is about my favourite Salamander HQ read more after the click.

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