Back to the Beginning – Crashed Aquila

My oldest scenery kit, the crashed Aquila Lander finally get some attention.


Mechanical November ’18 – Imperial Knight

Things have been pretty slow on the blog between the births of children and work being very busy for people, but I'm back with another entry into one of Azazel's challenges, this time its Mechanical November, so a Vehicle of some sort. Now I have a fledgling Adeptus Mechanicus army, its not huge and a... Continue Reading →

Clone Wars – Fighting the Monotony!

Whether it wants to or not, our brain loves patterns. This can manifest in a multitude of ways, from organising things with labels for easier categorising to tidying up or at the extreme end, lining up our belongings with an neurotic need and accuracy. In terms of our hobby, this can be both beneficial and... Continue Reading →

Even in Death I Serve

Dreadnoughts are cool. At least that's my opinion and what I'm covering in this article, my first Dreadnought. For a long time my only army was Tyranids, which I love and will probably always be my favourite army. I did however get vehicle envy. Not just because my Tyranids seemed to be terrible tin openers... Continue Reading →

Mind Over Matter

Im branching out into one of my other armies with this post, my Grey Knights. Specifically my Grey Knight Techmarine, why should my co-authors dominate the space marine demographic, i can be a good guy too! See! good and happy. This was one of the first Grey Knight models i bought. i think, apart from... Continue Reading →

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