Setting The Scene – Prometheum Forge

My first bought piece of scenery, a Prometheum Forge, completed with an effort to make it as versitile as possible using magnets.


Heavy Footed – Basing Tutorial

Recently we were asked by The Golden d6 online magazine, if we would be interested in contributing content for them, specifically tutorials or some sort or another. So here is my first effort to see if I can help out the community some way with my first tutorial, covering basing. Now I don't know about... Continue Reading →

Hobbyist’s Rut

So... this post is going to be a little different to my usual ones. I like to have posts with progress shots and finished models. Something that someone may benefit from some how or if they already know more that I can show them, just some decent models at the end. This... is kind of... Continue Reading →

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