Gutgrox Madkrak and Gloomfang

I recently finished off a project borne out of a dislike of the existing Maw Krusha model, coupled with a bit of a weird idea. When I started I knew three things: The existing Maw Krusha model is horrible and looks like a cabbage. I wanted to paint a giant spider. I wanted to be... Continue Reading →


Blood Bowl Stinks (part 3) – Beast of Nurgle (Rotspawn)

With the Beast of Nurgle finished I've now completed my 16 players for my Kitbash Nurgle Blood Bowl team. I've been on the look out for potential parts to make a Beast of Nurgle for a while. In the meantime GW has released an official model now called a Rotspawn. The Rotspawn fits with the... Continue Reading →

Kill Team & WIP#2

My 2nd WIP update. This time with some details about my Adeptus Astartes Kill Team Slaughter for some upcoming games with Pandora and Krakendoom and a status update on the AdMech

Urban Basing – Tutorial

So yeah, Warbringer here I'm not sure, does anyone even remember me? Since having my 3rd child I've had a small hiatus and really been struggling to get any hobby in. My newborn daughter is now 10 weeks and I've managed to grab some time to do a basing tutorial. So I've tried to break... Continue Reading →

Heavy Footed – Basing Tutorial

Recently we were asked by The Golden d6 online magazine, if we would be interested in contributing content for them, specifically tutorials or some sort or another. So here is my first effort to see if I can help out the community some way with my first tutorial, covering basing. Now I don't know about... Continue Reading →

Plague Child Collaborative Project

Whats that? I haven't made enough Possessed you say? well here's one I made earlier! a surprise reveal of my Plague Bearer Possessed. Ok, now I'm getting back into the swing of things! Not that my work at home is finished... but I'm waiting for deliveries so I can just not think about it for... Continue Reading →

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