Clone Wars – Fighting the Monotony!

Whether it wants to or not, our brain loves patterns. This can manifest in a multitude of ways, from organising things with labels for easier categorising to tidying up or at the extreme end, lining up our belongings with an neurotic need and accuracy. In terms of our hobby, this can be both beneficial and... Continue Reading →


Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Norris Thing / Possessed Marine

Ok, so this another possessed, taking the count up to thirteen so far (the rest are here and here). Now you are going to get a lot more out of this post if you like John Carpenters film, The Thing. If you haven't seen it... do that now is instead of reading this, or any... Continue Reading →

My Most Prized Possessions (Part 2)

Well I think its about time these guys got a new post all together, with four new additions to the family no less! Today I'm introducing an Iron Hand, White Dragon, Raptor and Salamander. For those of you that haven't seen my first article, these are the unwilling volunteers to the ranks of Thousand Sons'... Continue Reading →

My Most Prized Possessions

This article is going to cover my Possessed Chaos Space Marines, a unit which I inherited from a friend.  At the time of starting this article I have 2 fully painted, several undercoated, built and slightly unfinished.  So I will continue to update this article as I work my way through them one at a... Continue Reading →

That Guy is Hella Brute

I really hope you like this one as its one of my favourite conversions to date... my Chaos Helbrute. I put some real effort into this one, it was one of those where it took longer than i expected not just because of a lack of time or being busy (which is always s factor)... Continue Reading →

Me So Spawney

Im going to take a break from my Tyranids for a bit to show a project i had a lot of fun with, My Chaos Spawn. There was no specific inspiration or artwork for this project, just a chance opportunity that left me with few other options. A few years back when gamesday was still... Continue Reading →

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