Kill Team & WIP#2

My 2nd WIP update. This time with some details about my Adeptus Astartes Kill Team Slaughter for some upcoming games with Pandora and Krakendoom and a status update on the AdMech


2019 Warbringer’s Wip 1

So here goes. I've been working away trying to get some hobby done. I have found that writing down a list of what I'd like to achieve has helped me massively. The plan for the Tyranids is this, I'm going to get everything I can painting to the base colours of red and incubi darkness... Continue Reading →

2019 Hobby Goals!

So with 2018 coming to a close and a new job, new house, house renovation and a new baby it's been pretty hectic for me and I didn't achieve as much as I wanted to in 2018. So I thought I would put down my goals for 2019 here and then see how I do... Continue Reading →

Urban Basing – Tutorial

So yeah, Warbringer here I'm not sure, does anyone even remember me? Since having my 3rd child I've had a small hiatus and really been struggling to get any hobby in. My newborn daughter is now 10 weeks and I've managed to grab some time to do a basing tutorial. So I've tried to break... Continue Reading →

So how do I Airbrush?

That's the question I asked myself a few weekends ago. I've always loved watching the youtube airbrush tutorials and felt envious I couldn't do the same. I love the zenthial highlighting style but have struggled with rattle cans getting the same amount of control, duh I know right. So I mentioned this to Krakendoomcool and... Continue Reading →

Salamanders WIP – Primaris Aggressors.

Warbringer here! Although I've not posted for a while I have been doing a little hobby and I've been behind the scenes as the blogs Techmarine keeping the cogs spinning. Read about my Primaris Aggressors WIP after the click.

Vulkan Re-modelled

Vulkan Hestan is such a great character in the 40k universe and his model doesn't do him justice so this post is about my conversion work and the sources of inspiration read more after the click.

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